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Jamie Givens L.M.T. trained at the international school, The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, and she attended the 1200 hour program. Jamie Givens' natural touch focuses on medical massage, lymphatic massage, geriatric massage, and acupressure. She incorporates unwinding techniques and positional releases which create balance and stability, plus help facilitate movement or change.

Jamie Givens is a skilled therapist. While utilising her training and intuition, she understands that COMFORT & TRUST on the part of her client remains one of the most valuable components to her practice.

Everything about your massage experience is geared toward your convenience. Jamie's office is located in a cottage nestled in Hillsboro Village which is perfect for a cozy session. Parking in front of the cottage, along with office hours that accommodate all sorts of schedules offer clients additional flexibility.

Jamie is available for chair massage on-site. A gift of a quality massage is perfect for holidays, office bonuses, parties, golf tournaments, sporting events, and the home-bound.

With a broader spectrum of modalities, people who are already familiar with some benefits of massage therapy are surprised by the deeper level of change that results from one of Jamie's more comprehensive treatments.

Please feel free to discuss any hesitation or concerns that you may have with Jamie on your initial visit or any follow-up visit. Your feedback in how you body responds to your previous treatments will be a valuable key in improving the results you get from subsequent sessions.

Jamie is an accomplished writer. To learn more about her book, Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl, go to
www.authorhouse.com click on the bookstore icon.