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Author Bio

Jamie Zoe Givens, an author, performance artist and healing arts practitioner with a license in massage therapy, lives in Nashville, TN. Her writing's garnered awards from the local to the international levels, she's appeared in-the-round on stage with top Nashville songwriters, local elevision and radio.

In 2012, Jamie Zoe Givens featured at Poet's Corner for Scarritt-Bennett. She served as guest-host and feature at Poetry in the Brew, and she currently maintains the blog, social media, and audio/visual for this monthly poetry reading. 2011, Givens helped create the "Gentle to All Ears" poetry reading for the International Book Festival. In 2010, her film, "What's It All About," played in Don Evan's installation for "Where are they Now" at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, and in October 2010 she read as a guest poet for Line Breaks, a Literary Series in Nashville, TN.

2009, Rambler Magazine made her short story, "Dusty's Two Story Bus," a front cover and website-exclusive feature. In 2008, she helped organize "The Last Great American Road Trip," which encouraged people to live life as art on a 21 day
bus trip across the United States.

In 2004, Givens published Never Offer a Chair to a Dancing Girl and presented the book at the Southern Festival of Books for two consecutive years. Her poetry showed in a local artist installation at Ruby Green Contemporary Gallery for Art, and she served as a board member at the not-for-profit gallery.

Jamie Zoe Givens originally from Owyhee County, Idaho where her pioneer ancestors settled at a hot springs on the Oregon Trail next to the Snake River.